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The New Dungeness Light Station Association is able to maintain the Lighthouse, Keeper's Quarters and outbuildings at the end of a 5-mile long sand spit because we have some really skilled volunteer workers. The most commonly needed skills are painting, carpentry, story-telling, plumbing, electrical, joke-telling, window washing, general repairs, eating and more painting.

Volunteer workers are transported out and back from our Carlsborg transport site in Association vehicles at the times listed on the schedule, as dictated by the tide. They must bring their own food, drinks and bedding. We have a kitchen, bathrooms and beds in the historic tower building; but no laundry facilities for workers. Most work events last from 1 to 2 days. Be sure to bring extra meals and any medications to allow for extra days- the spit is sometimes impassible due to weather. Cell phone coverage is pretty good. There is no land-line telephone. Pets are not allowed.

The Light Station is NOT ADA-compatible. Workers are expected to be able to climb stairs, carry tools or ladders and to operate power tools.

If you would like to participate and have the required skills (or are a good "gofer"), please contact the General Manager at (360) 683-6638.

All workers must be current members of the Association and must sign the "ladders and power tools" liability waiver. Please be aware that all schedules are tentative; the only thing we can count on is the tide...