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New Dungeness Lighthouse History

1850 - Congress authorized the first sixteen lighthouses on the Pacific Coast, including New Dungeness.

1855 - The United States Coast Survey report showed the proposed location for a lighthouse on Dungeness Spit. 1857 The new lighthouse is activiated

1857 - The light at New Dungeness was lit for the first time on 14 December, showing a fixed white light from a third order Fresnel lens. In addition to the Keeper's dwelling with its integral 91 foot tower, the facilities included one or more cisterns for the collection of rainwater, a privy, boathouse and ways and a fog bell.

1858 - On 11 February, Thomas Boyling and William Henry Blake reported for duty as the first full-time Keepers.

1862 - William Henry Blake married Mary Ann McDonnell.

1868 - Eighteen Tsimshian Indians of a party camped on the spit were massacred by a group of S'Klallams. The burial of the bodies by settlers gave Graveyard Spit its name.
1874 new steam whistle
1874 - The fog bell was replaced by a steam fog whistle 450 feet northeast of the tower. Operation of the steam whistle required the construction of two large cisterns and a water shed.

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