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Keeper Rules and Duties

While visits to the Light Station are considered a vacation or holiday to most Keepers and the purpose of the visit definitely includes enjoying the pristine natural environment and multitude of wildlife present on the spit, Keepers have the additional responsibility to preserve and maintain the Light Station and act as guides for visitors. Certain rules must be followed for safety, preservation and environmental reasons, and Keepers' duties are a necessary part of your tour of duty. Keepers should familiarize themselves with, and adhere to the following rules:

  • Open flames are not permitted inside or outside the Light Station buildings. This means that candles shall not be used in the Keeper's house. Beach fires and outdoor burning are strictly prohibited. No smoking is permitted inside of the buildings.

  • Do not trespass on areas of the Spit closed to public access.

  • Keepers are not allowed to bring or use pleasure boats or watercraft while on their tour of duty at the Station.

  • The number of Keepers at the Station is limited to a maximum of seven individuals (none under six years of age), and is limited to those on the duty roster for the week. Keeper exchange during the week, in case of illness or emergency, will only be done with an Association or emergency vehicle.

  • The Association reserves the right to provide suitable replacements if the number of adult Keepers drops below 4 during any week.

  • Lock and secure Light Station buildings except during hours of public tours.

  • Leave shoes worn outside on the mud porch of the Keepers House. Sand is damaging to the floors.

  • Raise the US flag at 0800 each day and lower at sunset. Use proper flag etiquette.

  • Visitor access is limited to the restrooms, Lighthouse tower and yard area. Visitors must be accompanied when visiting the tower and cannot go out on the lantern room outside deck (gallery). Only registered Keepers and Workers 18 years of age or older, who have signed the insurance waiver, are allowed on the lantern room outside deck (gallery).

  • Visitors can not spend the night at the Light Station or on the Spit.  Visitors arriving by pleasure boat must use the boat landing area on the Dungeness Bay side of the spit and must notify the National Wildlife Refuge by calling (360) 457-8451.

  • Clean the tower building restrooms daily after tours end.

  • Polish the brass in the Lighthouse daily.

  • Keepers must clean the house and wash and restock all used bedding and soiled items at the conclusion of their tour of duty.

  • Garbage shall be packaged for transport by the pick-up vehicle.

  • Water the lawns daily (even in winter) and mow and edge weekly or as required.

You will find it easier to give tours if you learn the history of the Light Station and the Spit prior to your tour of duty.

Enforcement of rules and duties at the Light Station is based on an honor system, although flagrant violations coming to the attention of the Association can result in eviction from the premises and termination of membership in the New Dungeness Light Station Association. Keepers are not law enforcement officers and should not attempt to stop visitors from violating Light Station or Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge rules, other than politely pointing out the infraction and asking for their cooperation. Depending upon the seriousness of the violation, Keepers must decide whether they need to notify law enforcement personnel. Like all rules, the rule of common sense should apply to all of the above. Danger to human life must take precedent over all of the above rules and duties.

Remember, you are a representative of the New Dungeness Light Station Association. What the public sees you do, they perceive that all Keepers do. Be a good representative and have a great tour of duty and wonderful time.

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