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Being a Lighthouse Keeper for a Week

The Light Station has been continuously staffed 24 hours a day since 1994 by Association members who serve as volunteer Keepers at their own expense, while serving one-week shifts. The Association membership has grown to almost 800 family units, composed of approximately 1,900 individuals. If you are not an Association member, and want the opportunity to volunteer as a Keeper, visit our Membership page.

The Keeper's Quarters (watch the slideshow) has three main bedrooms, two with queen size beds and one with a queen and a twin. There is also a bedroom in the basement with two twin beds. Maximum capacity is 7 people. A fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room, and two bathrooms complete the living area of the house. A recreation room with a pool/ping pong table, laundry facilities and storage are located in the basement. Two or three couples (or some combination of 4-6 adults and children) serve as Keepers each week. Children must be six (6) years of age or older. Only current members of the New Dungeness Light Station Association are eligible to be Keepers. Grandparents can stay with their grandchildren without the children's parents being current members. Keepers perform maintenance duties at the Light Station including watering, mowing and trimming the lawn. They also give tours and provide historical information to the visiting public.

The Light Station may not be suitable for the physically challenged. The duty of a Keeper is a physical job and includes giving tours of the light tower (74 steps!)

Keeper transport day is usually Saturday at low tide, which sometimes occurs in the middle of the night. Tides may require a Friday transfer, especially during winter months.

All persons (adults and children) staying at the Light Station are required to view an Orientation & Safety video, sign a release and pay a Keepers fee set yearly by the Board of Directors. Currently, this fee for one week, per person in 2015 and 2016 is STILL only Adults $350 and Children $195 year-round.

Keepers are considered Adults at the age of 18, and must then pay full adult fees. The Association reserves the right to provide suitable replacements if the number of adult Keepers drops below 4 during any week.

Check our Availability webpage for current openings.

NOTE: 2015 and 2016 reservation dates are now posted for planning purposes.

If you are an eligible member to stay at the Light Station, and see available dates that interest you, please call Scheduling Services at (360) 683-6638 or email scheduling@newdungenesslighthouse.com

If you are paying a last-minute Keeper Fee, or a stay deposit you can use PayPal. Please click HERE for that page.

The Association Board of Directors has established a Keeper's Cancellation Policy that includes a $50/pp non-refundable deposit. Click HERE to see a copy of the new policy.

Keeper scheduling reservations for 2016 can be made starting at 12:01 AM on Friday, January 2nd, 2015. NDLSA Members who have not stayed at the Lighthouse in the last two (2) years are eligible to make requests during January of 2015. Then, as of February 1st, all remaining dates become available to any NDLSA member. To aid in planning your 2016 stays, we have posted the transfer times and dates on the AVAILABILITY list.
To make a reservation request during your eligibility period, simply send an e-mail with your name, number in party, and requested dates to Scheduling. You may also call the office at (360) 683-6638 and leave a detailed message. Don't bother sending a request until either the January or February eligibility period opens- we will ignore it!
If you are not yet a member of NDLSA, you can still request a week, but you will have to join wthin 14 days.

View Rules and Duties of Lighthouse Keepers .

View some excerpts from the logbooks written by Keepers over the years!