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Lighthouse Needs and Wants

Updated October, 2013


Long-Term Projects

Estimated Cost Project
ongoing We will gladly accept donations to cover ongoing vehicle maintenance expenses!
$15,000 Replace cracked lantern room vent ball    COMPLETE!
$5,000 Upgrade plumbing system to imporve pressure and flow   LEP GRANT COMPLETE
$700 Replace the south-facing web camera with one that will pan, tilt and zoom. InWork!
$600 Install Lantern (beacon) Uninterruptible Power Supply; 1-hour run time
$150 each Install uninterruptible power supplies on 3 wi-fi routers, webcams and rf-link.
$20,000 Improve upstairs fire escape systems in both buildings Funding Received
$30,000 Retrofit fire sprinkler systems
$8,000 Refurbish artesian well head     PROJECT COMPLETED!!
$700,000 Replace underwater power cable
$10,000 Install underground lawn sprinkler system Grant Received;   In Work!
$35,000 Replace Keeper's Quarters windows
$10,000 Cistern inspection and repair
$2,000 Clean and repaint tower
$1,000 Repair or replace lantern room gallery railing
$1,500 Insulate walls and attics of Keeper and Tower building   COMPLETE!
$20,000 Complete final restoration of east apartment in LH building
$3,000 Upgrade electrical systems     COMPLETE!
$5,000 Repair and repaint barn siding  Funding Received & IN WORK
$5,000 Inspect and repair Keeper's Quarters siding
$50,000 Rebuild the1906 Fog Signal Building (also to be used as a workshop while restoring east side of LH) 
$30,000 Procure a replica 4th order Fresnel lens
$2,500 25 Horsepower Outboard Boat Motor

Contact the New Dungeness Lighthouse Association for your material donations.  Thank you in advance for your generosity! Remember that we are a 501(c)3 non-profit and so your donations are tax-deductable.